The Single Most Effective Marketing And Sales-Generating System For VARs, MSPs And IT Services Firms

Join Us June 20 – 21, 2018 In Nashville, Tennessee

For A 2-Day Sales Training Program That Will Give You

The Advanced IT Sales And Persuasion Blueprint

A Radically Different And Extremely Powerful Process
For Closing IT Services Sales Without Discounting,
Neediness Or Cheap Gimmicks

When selling IT services, do you struggle with price resistance, sales stalls, prospects not seeing the value of what you do and getting deals closed quickly? Do you want a non-manipulative way to get prospects to buy that doesn't require sales "tricks," groveling, discounting or other embarrassing tactics? Then this program is for you. This comprehensive, step-by-step sales process is unlike ANY sales training you've ever experienced because it STARTS with how you position yourself from the beginning, and uses a straightforward, direct and non-manipulative approach to helping clients.

Here's What This Program Gives You:

  • A complete, done-for-you Sales Playbook template for selling IT services to small and mid-size businesses. This will include details on various sales roles (sales scorecard) as well as templated scripts and processes for consistently closing more sales.
  • The single most important element to closing a sale – and why most salespeople DON'T have it, and how you can GET IT.
  • A complete sales presentation blueprint, from start to finish, that will enable you to close the maximum number of prospects without discounting, sales games or a lot of "convincing."
  • How to create a sales SYSTEM and process that will eliminate your dependency on finding, hiring and keeping TOP salespeople who are extremely rare and hard to find.
  • The single most powerful way to eliminate objections BEFORE they are voiced by your prospects, and an extremely elegant way to handle the few that will come up.
  • How to appropriately compensate salespeople to drive performance.
  • How to interview potential salespeople – including specific questions to ask and other steps to take in the interview – that will reveal whether or not they'll actually perform once you hire them.
  • How to manage salespeople and run sales meetings to maximize performance (you should know that I've built a $10 million business with 2 salespeople and, only recently, one telemarketer).